Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Poem For Spring from Debbie Woodbury (my sister)

A Poem for Spring- with love from Debbie

It starts with light
lingering longer each day
Reminding us that
cold and dark are moving on
that hope and renewal
appear each day in nature’s offerings
Clues we need only observe

Snow recedes
Pungent, mud smell of thawing earth
fills us with the giddiness of spring
The belief that anything is possible

Crocuses magically appear around the front yard maple tree
then suddenly,
from within the matted tangle of the still-dormant cattails
comes the blessed sound
of peepers.

What conductor signaled this overture?
Who decided that today would be THE day
to announce the precious return
of this reassuring symphony?

The mingling of welcome music with the
happy conversation of the chickadee
playfully hopping from perch to perch at the feeder
ceaselessly chattering, “Chicka dee dee dee!”
too busy to stop and rest

Song of the robin
a rich rising and falling of notes
“cheer up, cheer up cheer up,” she croons
while hopping along the ground,
grabbing juicy earthworms to fill her red round belly

Each day a new gift
Forsythia, daffodil, tulip
the poking out of brown earth and barren branch to reveal
Something green
Something hopeful
Something precious
~To my boys on Easter~